Good Morning !

Here is my Band Workout for you today, hope you’ll try it! Let me know x

I include the Band in almost every class as it gives your muscles such a different workout, it catches the muscle differently than in weights and body weighted exercises PLUS its soooooo versatile!

You can easily take it in your bag EVERYWHERE, you can even take it on hols in your suitcase too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mix the Band with some Beach or Poolside HIIT and you’re done!

Today I’m sharing with you ALL my exciting updates!!

24th July:
Sprinter Programme

Keep tuned for the Summer Survival!

The BIG one! Will you come to my Open Evening on the 20th?

90 Day Health & Weightloss Programme – Join FB Event and stay updated!
Have a wicked Wednesday and Speak soon!


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