My 90 day KSFL programme will set you up just in time for Christmas !!!!

Starting Monday 25th September 2018
What do you get

Delicious Recipe’s and Meal Plan ideas
You’ll receive a DETOX UPGRADED BOOK

After 28 days you’ll receive CONTINUATION TIPS to keep you going on your journey

Then after 60 days you’ll get Maintenance Tips and Cook Books at Special Price

You’ll jump into our ONLINE PLANS like the 7 Day Sprinter and LIFTLEAN PROJECT (NEW)

What you also get:

  • Daily ONLINE Workouts
  • Fit Pilates
  • The Brainfit Workout (NEW)
  • HIIT Workouts
  • Body Conditioning
  • Abs and Core
    We have a great range of options from training for total beginners to advanced workouts.
    And you get:

Great Support!
Once you sign up to the 90 day and complete your initial questionnaire you need to register to get access to your very own MEMBERS AREA in my website

You will be added to a PRIVATE COACH GROUP and provide you with a NUTRITION SHOP LIST and FITNESS plan and help guide you through the programme offering support and motivation throughout.

If you have any questions during the programme you can reach out to me anytime!

Join the new, revolutionary 90 Day Kick Start Women’s Health and Weightloss Programme


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