Hi Everyone its Super Sunday!

Sundays have got a bitter sweet kinda feeling for me as I should be relaxing about in the morning BUT I have choreography and notes for the week ahead

I even bulk cook so I stay on track and don’t panic for meals during a VERY hectic week!

Do you bulk cook?

It takes such a load off your mind!

As I write I get butterflies in my tummy as there is only 4 days left for the KICKSTART BBQ! The KICKSTART EVENINGS are always such a great way to see old and new Kickstarters and have GREAT FUN with like minded women

You get to know about new programmes, and this time round we talk about what KICKSTART has become and is today.

We talk about the 90 Day a NEW Programme which is absolutely enriched with up to date information on women’s health

We address KEY ISSUES and why they are in the way of reaching your GOALS

We also have FAB FAB FAB Prizes to be won!

And AMAZING KSFL Food to sample!

Would be great if you could come along, their might even be some Prosseco at the door!

Get Your Ticket:

Kickstart evening £10


The 90 Day Programme:
I really can’t quite believe I already have sign ups for the programme, so it is evident that women are taking control of their health and wellness

If you’re looking to get healthier, leaner, stronger, physically and mentally, get confidence, bust the menopausal blues, or simply want to lose some body fat and get fitter


You just get SO MUCH SUPPORT!

The Private Group is buzzing full of women sharing recipes and their KSLF Love!

I will mentor you, coach you and guide you……..

Are you in? You can grab it now and start to get ready in the group I’m adding everyone tomorrow!


How exciting!!!

Hope to see you at the KICKSTART Evening on Wednesday at Eclipse Lounge 8pm Don’t forget your ticket! http://nataliehillfitness.com/kickstart/

Otherwise if you can’t make it heres the 90 Day Link again so you can with us all the way in the WONDERFUL Journey!

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