How can we start to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle?

Start with the basics!

It’s all about the nutrition 🙂

1: Choose almond, hazelnut, coconut or hemp milk over cows milk.

2: Use coconut oil to cook with & virgin olive oil to dress food with.

3: Struggling to get all your greens in? Try juicing your veggies….a great way to pack in the nutrients. If you have a blender you can still sneak in some green stuff with your smoothies!

4: For fat loss stop snacking & grazing through the day. Eat 3 fulfilling meals – eat until you’re full and then stop!

5: Sleep is key. Too little sleep, waking up tired, not going to bed early will cause your cortisol to rise & start off your craving for carbs & sugar!

6: Fruit contains sugar so you need to go easy on fruit. Many people think they are eating healthy because they eat loads of fruit, but continue to put weight on.

Fruit will cause a huge hormonal spike, so eat more vegetables & a lot less fruit.

Children Eating Clean

The best possible thing you could do for your children is to NOT give them cereal for breakfast & feed them a predominantly clean diet… not that easy, given the power of food advertising & marketing!

Research shows us without doubt, that sugar, processed food & gluten are linked to all kinds of attention & behaviour issues in children, so maybe do your own research if in doubt!

Just look at the ingredients list a mile long on some of these so-called “healthy foods” we are led to believe are so good for us and our families!



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