I posted the question: “Whats your relationship with food” in my wellness group yesterday, I’m sure it will raise some eyebrows as everyday I talk to people about how food makes us feel on a personal level.

Some people can’t even talk about it casually! They find it a hard subject especially if they’ve had eating disorders in the past, but mainly, I get the ” no no I can’t have this and that”, demonising food and restrictive themselves on a weekly basis

This is a time bomb classic as once you restrict yourself far enough……the CRAVE sets in 

The mind games

The obsession 

and finally…….THE BINGE!

If you are one to set yourself harsh restrictions THINK AGAIN!


So, don’t see it as a punishment (can’t ever eat cake / drink beer / eat chips – WRONG!). You can totally be a foodie on this lifestyle, as our pics of food and recipes on Facebook prove! Even the laziest of cooks (me!) can be creative with real food and find meals that are quick and easy to prepare – as well as becoming family faves. 

Deny yourself nothing! Food is not the enemy. Food is lush, divine, sociable, as well as feeding our cells, brains and bodies! You too can be healthy and no longer a sugar addict ! You can indulge when you choose to indulge, but mostly your choices are healthy and good for your body. You are in control, therefore you can have the food you desire sometimes, without craving it all of the time.

Sarah says:
“I have found that the shift from what we have been brain washed with – eat low fat, under 1500 calories per day and exercise a little mantra – is very difficult to shake off. Eating freely avocados, nuts and other foods which are high in fats and calories did not come easy to me. It is a mind set which I have had for many years. Calorie is not just a calorie has been a revelation to me and yes, a bit of a light bulb moment. I suddenly don’t have the urge to overeat, and snack. I did not expect such a shift on such a short space of time but it is a bit cold turkey, suddenly you give up caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol and SUGAR. My body still doesn’t know what’s hit it! In a good way.” My mindset is now clear, I am positive and happy, I am in CONTROL again…….”

So if you’d like to gain CONTROL again

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