In just under 10 weeks Sarah Jane has lost 5.7kgs and 40cm!

She feels she needs more work to do but I keep reminding her that what she has achieved so far is MORE than AMAZING

I will never forget when she came in through the studio door on our week 2 meeting and she had already lost all the inflammation, and bloatedness and already looked so much lighter!

Sarah Jane also has a chronic injury that prevents her from training at 100% of her maximum. However the results speak for themselves as I always remind the group that, eating wholesome foods, cooking from scratch , avoiding as much pro-inflammatory foods, processed meals and refined nasty sugar from her diet will make her look and more importantly feel good, so even though she was unable to to perform the exercises as the others she got FANTASTIC results nevertheless!

This is what she has to say about the programme:

“I have always enjoyed aerobics but after having my 2 children I found it hard to find the time to go to the gym or any classes. I have tried many diets where I have lost weight but it wasn’t consistent so I would eventually put the weight back on. After seeing a friend who I hadn’t recognise due to her weight loss, I spoke with her and she mentioned that her weight loss was due to the Kickstart program which she said was great. She actually encouraged me and that was when I decided to get in contact with Natalie and she provided me with information of what the program entailed. I mentally prepared myself after Christmas as I knew I was going to start the program and had to eat healthy. Starting the program has been fantastic as it has taught me how to eat and what to eat. I have found time to train at lunchtime with work colleagues or even at home which fits into my hectic lifestyle, its great! I am loving this new lifestyle and intend to continue eating properly as I couldn’t go back to eating the unhealthier foods. After this programme I have lost 5.7 kilos and 40 cms! This has definitely motivated me to carry on eating healthy and continue with my training either at work or home. “

Sarah Jane is now on her final week of the programme and will join us for our next 2 week Programme LIFTLEAN on the9th April.

She says she wants to see how she gets on with a shorter programme, otherwise she’ll join us for the Summer Super Boost 10 Week Prime Plan starting 23rd April.

For more information on the Upcoming Programmes visit:

Looking forward to working with you x

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