Genevieve first came to the studio to do Pilates as she was suffering from 2 herniated discs.

Little did she know that she was about to embark on a journey that would rid the pain PLUS rid her post pregnancy weight FOREVER

Pilates together with the PRIME Programme was and still is the TONIC she needed (I say ‘still is’ as there is no ON/OFF Button in Health & Fitness) so even though Genevieve has reached her target she has signed up to the next Summer Boost PRIME starting on the 23rd April.

Not only to maintain her goal weight but to support her sister in reaching hers.

We wish them both all the very best of luck and to enjoy the ride!

Genevieve’s Story:
A second pregnancy and two herniated discs set me back a few kilos and I was finding it very hard to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight without training. Not exercising made me more complacent food-wise (especially when you have little kids in the house) and I started piling on the pounds. Two years after giving birth a weighed more than just after I had given birth. I needed a change in my life and Natalie had the answer! I first signed up to a 28 day KSFL detox in March and that made me see that this lifestyle suited me, but mentally, and possibly physically I was still not 100% ready to commit. However by late summer, my back was better and I knew I needed to revamp my routine permanently, in terms of food, training and sleep. I signed up to the 12 week programme and never looked back. I realised that I responded well to the positive feedback received by all the girls in the group and Natalie was always there to motivate you. And so I did another 10 week programme after Christmas, I was on a high and I have to give thanks to my lovely KSFL girls especially Natalie  8.7kg and lots of inches round the waist!


If you want to take control of your Health, Fitness and LIFE!


These are our 2 upcoming programmes starting SOON !

Looking forward to working with you

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