SUMMER IS GREAT (It came a little late but finally here!)


We have a Summer Programme this year!!!

Here are the 4 ways of working with us:

1. Kick Start ONLINE Home or Away Programme Starts 23rd July and you can do it weekly, renew or buy 4 week price which is GREAT VALUE check it all here:

You’ll still get a social life and enjoy your BBQ events and holidays!

2. Summer Fitness Classes: BOOK:
New Classes for all! starting 9th July – SUPER FIT KIDS finally arrived at the Studio too! Grace and I are thrilled!!!! Current Kids sessions Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:30am some might be outdoors so check all updates here:

3. NH ON DEMAND: If you’re looking to keep fit and toned during summer but not interested in the nutritional side of things then NH ON DEMAND is your plan! Grab Online workouts some as short as 10min to fit it in on working days/holidays or wherever you are!

4. Real World Weightloss & Wellness – SO EXCITED about the BIG ONE! Starts on the 24th September YOU CAN GRAB THE EARLY BIRD PRICE NOW!

Theres much to tell you so keep abreast on the event! Join My Event:

Enjoy Summer knowing you are grabbing some sort of control! x

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