Lorraine was at her heaviest back this January and although she finds exercise and cutting our chocolate (her complete addiction) the hardest, she stunned EVERYONE on her wedding day – read all about it!

Lorraines Success Story:

“My journey since January 2018 until my wedding 7th July 2018

I had just one target in mind, i needed to lose weight for my wedding. After all the Christmas food and sweets my weight had escalated to the heaviest i had ever been 78kg, i needed to change my diet and training if i wanted this to work and having done KSFL before i knew this was the only way to put myself in the right path, only this time i increased my training to 4 times a week to include 3 classes of cardio and weights plus my ever popular pilates which i absolutely love and have been doing it for more than 11 years now. 

So my journey started with a lot of strength and enthusiasm and I started to lose the weight slowly but gradually with an amazing result of a total loss so far of 8 kilos. 

Today i am in the middle of my honeymoon, and not only do i feel great, this is now my life style, i feel better than ever, it has helped me even take part in adventures i never thought I would have dreamt of before with all the aches and pains I used to feel. 

My target weight is 63 kilos, still a little to go but I am confident and excited i will achieve it, as soon as i get back from my honeymoon i will of-course continue my training along side my daily lifestyle of eating healthy. 

I must give Natalie Hill a big thank you for her encouragement and support during all these months, couldn’t have done it without her!!”

Lorraine still has a little to go until she reaches her target weight so she’s joining us back in our next programme:

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