I have an open evening on the 12th September at the studio 8:30pm hope you can join me:

It won’t all be ELEVATE – it will be a chance to say hi after a long summer and you can check to see what Classes/Programmes could be beneficial for you this term

You get to see the studio, the other ladies and ME! They’ll be Mojitos and Nojitos! and the ever Famous DETOX BASKET to be raffled!


Whats currently HOT on Offer?

***MONTHLY ELEVATE ONE Live or Online***
17 September to 14th October its a 28-day TOTAL BODY RESET
More Info and Purchase:

Also so many new and improved classes this time round:
BOOK: https://bookwhen.com/nataliehillfitness
Timetable below and heres class description:http://nataliehillfitness.com/classes/ but please get in touch if you need any further info x

I know you’re still out but organisation IS KEY if you want to SMASH your GOAL before Xmas x

Heres my OPEN EVENING event on the 12th Sept: https://www.facebook.com/events/1731814196886659/
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