I want to wish you a lovely pre-national day greeting x

Especially before you run off and enjoy yourselves with a couple of drinks and yummy yummy food x

I also want to remind you that we start Classes this Tuesday! So I would highly recommend you BOOK YOUR CLASSES before your merry festivities and in that way you’ll be sorted and organised for the upcoming week and term.

Heres the Link to Book: https://bookwhen.com/nataliehillfitness#focus=ev-s1e0-20180911063000

Don’t forget the CLASS PASSES at discount prices (press tab at the top to switch)

Reminder: please email to Book:
BOOTCAMP PACKS (standalone can be paid via book when)

SO back to National Day…… I hope we will all again celebrate another year of doing what we do best, BEING A CLOSELY KNIT COMMUNITY that we truly are, HOWEVER! the shaky perils of Brexit will try to dampen our spirits in the upcoming uncertainty ahead……

B U T!

One things for sure – you can count on NH FITNESS to be consistent, loyal and damn good at making you fitter, healthier and happier 🙂 x


After NH Fitness classes I always feel fantastic inside and out! They really care about getting great results for you and having a laugh at the same time

Having done the rounds of other classes and gyms and mainly being trained by men, I wondered if a class taught by and mainly attended by women would push me hard enough!…Boy, was I wrong!!! Natalie and her team pushes everyone to their individual limits, taking care that everyone’s doing the movements correctly and not in danger of injury.

I love your classes as you all push us to our limit and feel better for it….

Even though I like training and have tried different classes, I always end up going back to Natalie’s classes. Her classes are for all levels of fitness and even though they are tough, Natalie motivates you and pushes you till the end and she has a way of spreading her energy to everyone. Thanks Nat and the rest of the teachers xx

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