Since 2005 Natalie has been searching for new and exciting ways to enjoy fitness.

From a Sport and Dance background, Natalie knows exactly what hard work is and how to get the best out of her clients. At the Studio she teaches various fitness disciplines, a typical workout of hers will include a variety of equipment; Steps, free weights, bands, Swiss Balls and body weight functional exercises…her favourite!

From Pilates to Interval Training Natalie surely attracts a diverse range of clientele, which is rapidly growing into a strong and inspiring team. Her aim is to make clients strong, lose weight and be the best version of themselves!


“Natalie is also your KSFL Coach for Gibraltar and is carrying out a very successful clean eating and exercise Club in the community.

If you are serious about managing your weight, getting your health in check and upping your training, Natalie can help you achieve your GOALS!”


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