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Do you want to get involved but without LIVE CLASSES?

Be part of the KSFL Lifestyle but without the stress of attending classes!

Sign up now and lets get going – You can start this plan at any time! You will receive all that KSFL Club has to offer BUT without the LIVE classes! Nutrition, support and online workouts!


Online programmes always start on the 1st of the Month

Look what some of the previous groups have been saying……

Since doing this ksfl detox, I’ve kicked my caffeine addiction, I feel energised, stronger, and my PMT this month is non-existent (usually I am chopping heads off at this point in my cycle). There’s some definition in my muscles, and the biggest tell of all – I can finally fit my wedding band back on my finger without it cutting off the circulation! Brilliant!” Sophie

Before I started the upgraded KSFL detox I was getting regular hot flushes during the night which were keeping me awake. Since the detox I have had no flushes whatsoever and am sleeping better than I have done in years. Weight and inch loss is an added bonus especially when I feel so full all the time” Andrea 

The KSFL upgraded programme has delivered on weight and inch loss but most detoxes will do that what makes this programme outstanding is the education, support and motivation that I know will have a long lasting impact on my health and well being” Jayne

If you are serious about losing weight getting stronger and happier then KSFL is for you! After only 7 days ksfl detox, my energy levels were up, Mood lifted and yes felt a lot lighter! KSFL fits into your everyday life… It’s not gimmicky and not calorie counting, it’s A WAY OF LIFE” Nathalie


You will be added to the next online programme – these always start on the 1st of the month.

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Are you ready to rock?

Daily motivation, education and inspiration for your Body, Mind and Soul – All online. all you need is access to the internet.

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