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Some of Natalie’s fitness videos, to give you a little inspiration and motivation at home.


Here are a few of the classes Natalie offers in her Gibraltar Studio and Online


Here are a few testimonials of our client’s goals achieved.

Natalie’s Latest Articles

FOOD Friday! Plus Super FIT Classes for you!

Helllooooo its Friday! I've got 2 NEW Amazing recipes for this weekend! Will you try them? Please let me know if you do and I'll post them up on the main facebook group to inspire others x I know we LOVE eating, in this part of the world, its what everyone talks about...

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STRESS could be adding to your waistline….

Well hopefully you aren't feeling too stressed? Stress can have such a massive impact on your health AND your weight so we need to find ways of managing it, if we can't eliminate it. Heres a few of my top tips Exercise. Whether it be running, yoga, pilates or anything...

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MOTIVATION Monday! Mindful eating 🍏

Good morning all! Its bank holiday Monday BUT are you mindful of what you eat? Ok not ALL THE TIME! I am a REALIST and know that we MUST have our Fav foods from time to time! I want to share with you a blog that came from KSFL Headquarters as its soooo relevant as we...

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Fitness Specialities


Using various methods such as TABATA or HIIT exercising at intervals ensuring that maximum fat/calories are burnt in the minimum amount of time, levels of all abilities!


Slow controlled exercises on the mat/standing and using various Pilates equipment such as mini balls, bands and foam rollers.


Learn to swing, flip, fly and smile all in your first class using the Antigravity yoga hammock! Antigravity Suspension fitness is not a yoga class.


ONLINE and LIVE programme including workouts, motivational emails and forums topped up with nutritional guidelines and meal planners to ensure maximum fat loss.




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